Town of Spencer Annual Cleanup

When:         Saturday, April 29, 2017    8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

Where:       1st Choice Recycling,   504 East Willow, Spencer

Cost:  1st Choice accepts many items for recycling; some have a charge and some he will pay you for.  

                  Charge items: TV’s, 10-12“ & computer monitors = $5, 14-32 “= $10  Over 32 “ = $15    

                                          Microwaves = $5     Freezers and Refrigerators = $10

                                          Car and small truck tires = $4 each.

                  No Charge:     Dishwashers, Dehumidifiers, small electronics

                  1st Choice will pay you for Washers & Ranges $5 ea. & also pay for metal, motors, batteries, etc.    

The Town is providing 3 large dumpsters for residents to drop off furniture, mattresses, and non-recycling type items

and other large unwanted materials for disposal at no charge.

We do not accept paints, light bulbs, pesticides or any type of liquid, powder or toxic items.  If you have such items you should contact Marathon Co. Solid Waste Dept. as they can help with proper disposal of such items.  Please call them at 715.446.3101 ext. 104, to receive more information.  This is located at R18500 Hwy 29, Ringle.  Due to budget cuts there are no clean sweeps planned in the area.  These items need to be taken to Ringle usually at no cost.

Latex paints can be placed in the garbage after you take off the covers and let the paint dry out or add a drying agent to it such as kitty litter.

If you have questions please call Dennis Dieringer, 715.486.6130 or 1st Choice Recycling 715.659.4340

The Town Board would like to thank 1st Choice Recycling and our volunteers for helping make this possible.