Town of Spencer Road Improvement Plan

The town of spencer has over 40 miles of roads to maintain.    This includes 12 miles of blacktop and 31 miles of gravel base roads.

Black Top:   The town is currently splitting the blacktop up into 2 phases for  crack seal repairs.  Roads north of Mann have crack seal  repairs in odd years.  

Roads south of and including Mann have crack seal  repairs in even years.

Gravel Roads:    The town is trying a 3 year plan to add gravel to all roads with an added 2 inch layer of gravel.   This is approximately 500 tons of material / mile.

2015: 2018:     Eagle, Fairhaven, Krohn, Mann West of Cty. V, Karau East of Cty V, Hanson East of Cty F,  Andrews and Endries.

2016:  2019:     26 Rd West of Cty V, Sun Ridge Drive area, Oak Brook area, 26 Road East of Hwy 13 including subdivision,  Hayward, Eau Pleine, North of Cty C. Frey, Lasalle.

2017:  2020:     Lincoln Spencer, Pleasant, South Frey, North Frey of Hwy 13 to McMIllan Marsh, Villa Rue, Schmidt Rd, Dexter, Casey Area, Eckes, Karau East of Hwy 13,

Of course depending on extended situations we might need to change or modify our intentions at any time due to wash outs, road break ups in the spring or the amount of traffic generated on a road to mention a few.  The above is a guideline.

Road Binder /Dust Control:  In the past the Town applied dust control in front of residents houses who live on gravel roads.  We have decided that it is more effective to apply the dust control as a road binder and spread it on the entire length of our gravel roads.  It takes about 4 semi loads / year to do this and we feel it  is maintaining our gravel roads better.           T

Signs:  Signs will be replaced or added as needed.  An annual review of signs will be conducted in the spring during the road review.  Also a review of sign reflection will be done in odd years at night during Jan. , Feb. and March.

General Comments:
  Road reconstruction or black topping of roads is decided by the town board.  The town also applies for LRIP money from the state for major reconstruction or blacktopping in odd years.  This amount is approximately $27,000.

The town is currently placing $30,000 a year aside in a road improvement fund for major projects in the future.   This started in 2014.  With the high cost of road improvements we need to build a fund for major work in the future.  Starting in 2018 we want to increase this to $50,000 / year if possible.

In 2016 the town cleaned the ditches on Karau Avenue.  In 2017 culverts were fixed or replaced.  We intend to apply for LRIP to blacktop said road with a 22 foot wide, 4 inch deep blacktop in 2019.

Culverts and Bridges:   Road culverts are replaced when needed.  Driveway culverts are primarily the responsibility of the resident.  The Town has 2 bridges which are inspected in even years by the county.  Pleasant Rd. bridge will need repairs or replacing within 10 years or so.

Brush and Ditch cutting:  The town hires a local contractor for this purpose.  A single pass in June and a double pass again in late September.

Adopted by the town board on:    February 9, 2016    Amended on November 14, 2017