Town of Spencer Winter 2018 Newsletter

County Wide Uniform Address System: As you are aware, the Marathon County Board has adopted a new address system for the entire county. This was planned for 2018. Because of delays, spring weather and so forth they are behind. So our Town- ship and a few more will be done next year. So for now everything stays the same. I know this will be an inconvenience for everyone but this is a very important safety issue. Safety personnel, such as paramedics and firefighters, require an updated, standard- ized address system to ensure the timely and accurate location of individuals in need.

Planning Committee: I would like to thank Heidi Baka, Krista Krause, Carl (Pete) Hoff, and Jerry Schmitz. They have been working very hard on a sub-division / land ordinance, road construction and road damage ordinance for the town. This has now been completed and adopted by the town board. If you have questions or would like to be involved, please call a board member. To view these ordinances please check the town web-site.

Dogs and Cats: The town receives many phone calls about pets. First, there is nothing the town can do with cat issues as cats are considered feral animals. Second, dogs need to be licensed with appropriate identification tags. Dogs that are lost or roaming without supervision are subject to being taken to the humane department in Wausau. When this occurs, there is a minimum $75 cost to the town each time. Third, the town and county does not have a dog barking ordinance. It is important that pet owners try to keep their dogs and cats on their property. If you have concerns about the behavior or well-being of an animal, please contact the Marathon County Sheriff Department. Thank you!

Compost site: Advanced Disposal of Marshfield will accept branches and leaves at their compost site in Marshfield. Please drop off items at 501 S. Hume St. in Marsh- field. Please follow the rules posted at the site. Please empty your plastic bags and discard them properly as plastic bags create havoc in the chipping machines.

Snow Removal: Pushing snow or other materials onto or across highways from pri- vate driveways can cause accident and death. This is prohibited by Wisconsin Statutes 86.01 and/or 346.94(5). Doing so may create potential safety concerns for the traveling public and may impede the snow and ice removal process. Furthermore, snow shall not be stored in a manner which will obstruct or limit vehicular or pedestrian vision, move- ment, or access.

Web site: The Town has hired Marshfield Technologies of Marshfield to create a web- site for our town. The domain name is Please look it over and provide comments .

Burning Permits: If you would like to burn brush or leaves on your property you will need a verbal burning permit from the town chairman or supervisor. After obtaining said permit, you need to call the county sheriff (715-261-1200, ext 1) to verify the time and

location of the fire. This is to protect you against someone reporting a fire and the fire department is called for a false alarm. This does not protect you from liability if the fire gets away from you or causes injury. If you have questions on this please contact a board member. Small 36 inch campfires or cooking fires do not need a burning permit As a reminder, it is against the law to burn plastics, furniture and many other items.

Garbage containers: Please place your containers on the edge of the road and not in the road. The town is not responsible for tipping them over when grading or plowing snow even though our drivers try not to.

Fire and EMS Volunteers: The Spencer area fire and EMS department is in need of volunteers. We, the residents, are indebted to the service that these men and women provide for us. Please give this some thought and join today. It is a wonderful way to help your community and at the same time be paid for your effort. Call Jason Foth the Area Fire Chief for more information about the fire department or EMS services at 715.615.9387.

Culverts: In the spring is a good time to clean out the ends of your driveway culverts. A few shovels of debris and muck being removed help with the water flow in the ditches. Driveway culverts are the owners responsibility but if you need to replace or want to add a culvert on your property you need to contact a town official. Thank you!

Spring Cleanup: The town is planning on having our 4th annual cleanup.

When: April 27th, 2019 8:AM to 12:00 noon Where : 1st Choice Recycling 504 E. Willow Dr. Spencer

We do not pick up your items at your house. Please watch for your spring newsletter for more details. Thank you to the volunteers and to 1st. Choice Recycling!

Annual Meeting April 18th, 7:00 PM Town Hall Best wishes in 2019!

Dennis Dieringer Chairman 715.486.6130 Dennis Gonnering Clerk 715.659.4054 Dennis Foth Supervisor 715.659.4318 Joan Meyer Treasurer 715.384.2774 Pete Hoff Supervisor 715.659.4518